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We make every attempt to answer the questions you may have right here online. Read through the questions and answers below. If you still need future questions answered, please use the CONTACT page.


Do you groom pets for the public?

A. Yes! For an appointment at Hair of the Dog please call 732-566-3900.


Where is your school located?

A. Less than 3 miles from Garden State Parkway exit 120. We are at 1 Ravine Drive - Matawan NJ.


How much is the tuition?

A. Click here for all tuition costs.


Is there financing available?

A. Students may choose to pay in one or up to 4 equal installments. In house financing may be considered in certain situations. There are no financial programs offered via the state or federal government.


What are your admission requirements?

A. We only require that you are physically and mentally able to complete all class skills and assignments in a timely manner in order to be able to successfully complete our program. Age and prior education are not factors in determining if you will be successful in our program. Students must be at least 18 years of age. As long as you are physically and mentally fit, you should do very well! All students are required to exhibit a basic skills assessment in the first three days of the program before continuing full-time.


Who is your average student?

A. Our average student is someone who is unhappy with their current career and looking to change to something they love. The words we hear most often from these students is that they wish they hadn't waited so long and had done this a long time ago. Don't wait another minute to get started in your new career! Our other popular student is the person that has decided not to attend college in favor of learning pet grooming. It is an invaluable skill you will have your entire life.


How long does it take to complete the course?

A. Terms are 16 weeks, approximately 440 hours - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


If I already have some of the equipment, do I still have to buy it?

A. No, if you have equipment that is comparable to what is in the kit, you can use what you already have.


What is in the equipment kit?

A. Click here to see our professional equipment list.


What do I wear to school?

A. Click here to see our professional dress code.


When I finish your course, will I be certified?

A. YES!! You will be given a certificate of program completion. The certificate signifies that you have completed the number of required hours in the program as well as received passing grades on each of the tests. You will receive a diploma with our Training Academy seal. Certifications are earned. Should you not receive passing grades and completions on tests, assignments and hands-on work, you will not receive a full certificate of completion.


What happens if I need to take a break or a leave of absence?

A. We offer a flexible schedule that you can change at any time. Our revolutionary training methods allow you to tend to your individualized needs. No other pet grooming school allows the flexibility that we can offer for you. You are required to complete all hours for graduation. Leaves of absence are addressed in the Student Handbook that all students must sign.


Do I Have to share grooming of pets with other students or will I have my own pets to groom?

A. Unlike other grooming schools, we aim to have a pet per student per day to groom! The hours you've completed will help determine the number of dogs you will groom, You are rarely required to share pets with other students.

On occasion a rare breed will come in and students will tag team on the grooming for experience sake. Also, from time to time you will assist another groomer with large and or difficult dogs. With our apprentice style learning, you will be more job ready by graduation than at any other school.

It is our goal to schedule you grooming appointments just as you would encounter in the work place. No other school anywhere can offer the variety of breeds and experience we can. You get tons of valuable experience in grooming and business training. Don't cheat yourself out of a quality education by attending anywhere else!


What kind of grading or evaluation system do you have?

A. Students are evaluated on a weekly basis for their progress, knowledge, skill level, efficiency. As we move forward there will be written and practical tests as well as impromptu quizzes. This gives everyone an excellent opportunity to sit down and review their progress. Once reviewed, decisions on what the student would like to work on, as well as goals for the upcoming week and where improvements will be decided by the instructor.


I'm seriously thinking of enrolling in your school, what should I do next?

A. First, fill out the online application. Second, call to schedule your tour. Three, bring the application fee (check or money order - $50) with you to the tour. Student spots are limited and fill up on a first-come-first-served basis. We're sure if you take a tour, you'll be convinced that you want to attend. You're going to love it!


Will you teach me just how to groom my own dog or just one specific breed?

A. No. We no longer offer one-on-one personal training for single breeds. All training requires a commitment to the full 16 week program.


Can you recommend a school in another state?

A. No, we cannot recommend any other school, as we are not familiar enough with them.


Can you help me find a school near me?

A. I'm sorry, but we do not maintain a directory of other schools.

Dog Grooming School New Jersey

Our 2,400 sq. foot facility was specifically designed for ease of instruction and the health and safety of each pet and student groomer that enters Central Jersey Grooming Academy.

Our goal is to teach every pet grooming student, humane and stress-free grooming. Most importantly, regardless of where you start your pet grooming career, you will leave Central Jersey Grooming Academy with a sense of completion and professionalism that enables you to hit the ground running!